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What we believe
What we believe
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Pets are family members too.

Give them love

When you go away, your absence is stressful enough for your pets, without subjecting them to being transported to an unfamiliar place and having to stay with strangers. Not to mention the possible exposure to fleas, ticks and other creepy-crawlies.

12 years of pet-sitting experience have proven to us that home is still the best place for your pet to be. We will look after your pets in the comfort of their own home-turf, surrounded by all their favourite toys, and having access to all their favourite nooks and crannies in the house.
It's the next best thing to having you there!


Personalised care

When we look after your pet, you can be sure that they are receiving one-on-one attention.
We do a meet-and-greet well in advance of your trip. This is to ensure that you and your pet both have a stress-free introduction to your PetBuddy, giving both of you time to get acquainted with your PetBuddy.
At the same time, your PetBuddy will take a detailed 'biography' of your pet, like his or her daily schedule (feeding times, medical needs, favourite toys), down to those little quirks and habits (does he prefer to be groomed in the bathtub? does she hate people touching her ears?).
All this information helps us to make sure that your pet is as happy and comfortable as possible.

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